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thirdACT is one of over 300 hand-picked Official Nominators, representing over 80 countries worldwide, who will nominate the best and brightest solutions from around the world with the potential to repair and regenerate the planet.

The Prize has identified ‘tipping point’ sectors including transportation, fashion, and construction, all of which can generate significant and accelerated positive change. The Prize is prioritizing indigenous and women-led solutions, along with financial models that value nature, out-of-the-box “wild cards” ideas, and concepts embracing Web3.0.

Five winners will each receive a £1 million, non-dilutive grant to scale the impact of their work, and ALL finalists will receive support in multiple ways to help scale their solutions.  

We welcome all climate solutions, from ideas to startups to growth-stage companies, to public/private partnerships.

We've developed a process to help streamline your submission. It starts with preparing information about your climate solution. Start with the button on the left. You will be asked a series of questions that are in the nomination form. We encourage you to prepare your responses in a separate document. Many responses have word limits. You will not be able to edit these once they're submitted, so please take your time to be thoughtful. 

If you have any questions along the way, we are here to help. Please reach out to Cassie Tangherlini at ctangherlini@thirdact.com.

Good luck!

The thirdACT team


If you'd like to keep in touch, learn more about thirdACT, and follow the results of the Earthshot Prize, please fill out your information below. 

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